Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Real Genius, I Am

Ack...Went running without properly stretching my back, which has had a slight twinge the past couple of days anyway. Genius, I'm telling you. Chunjaeda.

For those of you who prefer it, I have provided what should be an update Korean translation of the blog. The link should be at the right. How's the translation quality? My Korean certainly isn't good enough to tell whether or not this Google Translator can even get the gist across. Of course, I don't make sense in English. I'm sure I'd be horrified at my coherence translated to Korean.

Ouch...Back...erg. Gotta stop moving. Should have gone to Nantucket or some other resort like other people I know. Nope, I instead commit exertion, which is always punished.

So, my super-human marathon practice session yesterday quickly brought me back to sapien status today. My lip was shot...a real through and through. I managed to get through the Jean-Jean Vade-Mecum (Just the Trill, Left, and Right Hand sections), some scales, and a little Bach before everything gave out for good. I was able to get a little of the Mozart's 3rd mvt. feel back into my system, but my lip wasn't having anything of substance do through it.

Instead, I'll be studying the rest of the night. I need to get back into the Strauss Heldenleben. It's hard to keep all that business in your head at once. Huge swathes of sound washing this way and that. One must remember when to poke one's head out and then be consumed by the orchestra again. Strangely enough, I have a little easier time making those decisions with Strauss than I do with Beethoven. Sometimes, especially in soli wind sections, it's extraordinarily difficult to decided exactly how the voices should be balanced. Of course, balance almost NEVER involves different voices playing the same volume. Even at the start of Schubert's Unfinished, the unison oboe and clarinet shouldn't play perfectly equally loud. That would show an almost laughable lack of taste and a certain sign of a hearing problem.

I'm afraid I might be babbling incoherently again. We'll chalk it up to back pain...These are the times I wished that I was into self-medicating through Mohitos. That would be lovely right now.


(I want everyone to know that Blogger doesn't recognize "Damnit" as spelled properly, Dagnabit. [Let's see how it likes that one. I'm from the South, where we have creative curses, consarnit.])


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