Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spending Money Like a Drunken Sailor

Don't drunken sailors need reeds? Hm? Well, this drunken sailor just threw down for about a dozen boxes of reeds and a little sheet music. Avast...ahoy...mateys...Er. That's all the sailor talk I know. It doubles as my pirate talk. Although, my pirate talk also has: Arrrrrrr.....

There used to be a restaurant in Amherst where, each time I passed, I consistantly annoyed my companion with a well-supported Arrrr in my best pirate voice.

Reeds...Mmm...I let myself play on old dead reeds for a little too long, I guess. Just got busy. My embouchure probably went to hell. Mmm....Reeds. I love when they show up, clumped in groups of 5...Even got a few boxes of Eb reeds. Watch your eardrums, neighbors.

Spent 4 hours making a full-sized opera score today. Pretty sure that's a sign of insanity...Or a cause of same.


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