Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beethoven, But Better

Oi...(I thought I'd go with the British, punk rock version today. Usually, you get my channeling of a Jewish grandmother.)

I need reeds like Andy Dick (allegedly)needs cocaine...Gotta drop a couple of dimes on that stuff tomorrow. It never ends, this money sieve that is my clarinet playing.

Back to running, but no music yet. I need to load a few things on my Ipod so I can study the next orchestra cycle while I jog. Multitasking...Or, as Han Ji-Eun says, "Multi-player." Oh, the humanity. I'm constantly amused.

Yes, that useless quote means that I've gotten hooked on another show. I'm powerless.

Found a copy of the BSO and Ozawa doing Scheherezade. Mmmm...That's one piece I'm excited to hear them do...It was on sale too...

MiniRant: It's amazing to me that people feel that they need to rewrite Beethoven. I'm not positive why one needs to reorchestrate Beethoven. "If Beethoven had these modern instruments, he would have continued the melodic line." Blah blah blah...Whoopdee-freakin' do. I'm happy that everyone seems to be channeling Beethoven today. In fact, if he had the modern instruments, who's to say that the entire melody wouldn't be changed drastically? How come that's the only way Beethoven would react to the modern instruments' advantages? It seems to me that he didn't exactly stay within the old limits. He might feel the urge to just burst through those defenses as well...

Besides, isn't part of Beethoven hearing those little anachronisms? I love hearing the occasional flute go down the octave because he assumed they wouldn't be able to play those notes up there appropriately. To me, it's more honest when the horns drop out in chromatic voicings as the natural horns would have had to do. That's freakin' Beethoven.

I won't allow myself to address the stupidity of not only ignoring his dynamic markings, but blatantly marking your own over Beethoven's. It's times like these that make me happy I have a Dunkin Donuts habit and not a heroin habit. It's people like this who belong on the circuit with Yanni, not honest musicians. Screw 'em.

Eloquent, ain't I?


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