Thursday, May 24, 2007

If it ain't broke, fix it

As always, I'm experimenting with my clarinet again. As I can't find my Bunsen burner and pipettes, I'm experimenting with reed tip to mouthpiece tip measurements and front teeth alignment on the beak of the mouthpiece. The goal is to great a slightly smaller, pop-ier sound; a little more focus, if you will. (Does that mean my current sound has ADD?) As my current reeds are built for the other, bigger sounding setup, I'll have to be setting up a new batch of reeds. Oh bother...

I'm damned near finished with the grunt work on the Schuller.

Oh yes, another new project. Looks like there's a pretty good possibility that I'll be playing Ralph Shapey's Clarinet Concerto in Boston next Fall. Yeah...It's another one of those short (about 10 minutes) chamber concertos, but it seems like a neat piece. Maybe my next paper will be on this one. I'll show you a graven image. Either that, or I'll show you where I can put Shapey's graven image.

No pictures today...and you'll like it.

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