Monday, May 14, 2007

My LONG day trip

Oh FSM am I tired. I managed to stroll back into my house around 9:45 am. In case no one is aware, the kind of people who take 330am buses from NY to Boston are also the kind of people one might find at a typical Jerry Springer taping. If you're doing anthropological research, the Port Authority is certainly a hotspot. If you're planning on having a dinner party with barons and whatnot, I'm thinking that you should forsake this particular group of people. I don't have proof, but I'm pretty sure they're all New Jersey all I'm sayin'.

I was not particularly ecstatic with my meeting with the Japanese. They were lovely, but I was not up to snuff. I'm really starting to hate the dog and pony show. I'd rather just play concerts. (Mainly, because I'm not very good at audition-like situations.) It's of much more interest than all this other business.

In other news, new friend CM and I hit the Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. I, of course, went the chocolate route with some girlie drink involving raspberries. It looked fantastic in the glass, but left an unappealing aftermath in terms of a dirty glass sitting at the table. I was told that it would be considered bad form to fling it from my sight so I refrained. The place had nice views of the Circle and surrounding city, but was overall not a stunning establishment.

Next up (with a brief stop in between in Colonial Williamsburgtown), Cafe Mogador in the East Village. Upon a recommendation, I went straight for the Couscous, but with lamb instead of the raved-about chicken. Oy vey...I continued stuffing my face well after reaching my full-status as I just wanted to continue tasting this meal. Even the post-gorge tea was wonderful. It cleared my palette quite well.

The rest of the evening was pleasant, but uneventful, unless you count burning/freezing to death, a Movie Captain (an officer no less!) with a nice buttocks, and a sad little girl with no more pinatas. Won't someone get the girl a load of candy, a big stick, and a great deal of paper mache? Think of the children...


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