Friday, April 13, 2007

Can We Write This Off?

Okay, so I went on a little trip Wednesday night. Some friends and I decide to gamble our troubles away in as cheap a way as possible. I'm pretty sure that we were the most hated people at Foxwoods that evening as we only played very low limit tables. Mostly, we just sat at the low limit roulette table play the minimums every spin.

After a very long evening, we returned to Boston the next morning in time for several of us to work the morning shifts at their respective jobs.

This would be most of the group: (from left) Rob, Heather, Marie's right arm (look in the rearview mirror for her eyes), Erica (sometimes referred to as Heather), and Eric. There's a Mike on the far, far, out the picture left. This photo is taken while everyone still has their money.

This picture was taken after everyone gambled. There's Mike on the far right. Everyone in the front row lost money, because they're losers. The guy in the back center made about 100. He was the big winner of the evening.
I, of course, won as well, but not quite as impressively. I made $4. Because I was hungry, I spent half of my winnings on a blueberry muffin. It was a good muffin.
Eric and I were the only one's who stuck to the strategy of the evening: Don't lose money. Everyone else chickened out and went with the alternative: "Throw your money down the toilet." Slackers. Bet they wish they had a blueberry muffin.
As everyone in the car (That's a very loose term, "car." This was more of a tank. It got about as many miles to the gallon as your average Boeing product.) worked at the same place (except for me...I was emeritus.), we're all wondering if we can figure out a way to have this be a business expense. Any ideas?
Well, tomorrow I go back out of town for clarinetting. I'll be gone for about 4 days total, but should enjoy myself immensely. In addition to my own stuff, I get to see a friend perform a concerto with his ensemble. I'll see if I can't provide a review when I get back. We'll see if I even remember.
Since transit time is LONG tomorrow, I'll be taking my laptop along to take car of other business. I've still got to schedule out the next few trips and how I'm going to ever get the repertoire learned and at its peak at the right time. I've also got a few movies to take with me. Salman Rushdie may also keep me occupied.
Later yo's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Effin' yeah. How the hell did you get my arm and no rest of me? Oh yeah, I was in the bathroom crying at the end of the evening.

4/16/2007 09:55:00 AM  

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