Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another one in the can...

Somehow that sounds...inappropriate. Perhaps I just hang out with the wrong people. They're causing me to become a horrible person. I'm used to hearing that phrase while recording, but it sounds strange out in the wild.

So, I spent the weekend (you know you're in the entertainment business when the weekend stretches from Friday to Tuesday) playing the clarinet very well. Yes, I know what you're thinking...That's a fine weekend. However, it's also a tiring weekend...and it was in DC.

After my clarinet duties were taken care of, I was picked up at a train stop and treated to a grand meal in Annandale: Korean style sashimi and varying other goodies. I, of course, ate like a man possessed. Ever seen Myazaki's Spirited Away? Well, I was eating very much as the parents-turn-piggies were near the start of the movie. Thankfully, no giant-headed grandmothers enslaved me, but I was still pretty immobile from the food.

After being immobilized, I spent the next 5-ish hours editing a paper for a friend's doctoral requirements. Holy crap...I'm not used to thinking, especially not in complete sentences. Somehow, I was even starting to be a bit hungry by the end of the evening/morning. My friend was appropriately appalled at my body's ability to digest such disgustingly large amounts of food.

Oh, by the way: Hello HJ! Don't think I can't see you just because I don't know your service provider. Your lack of an obvious trail is in itself an obvious trail.

So, I've been thinking again about Doctoral programs for myself. I've found one that is VERY attractive, but I'm going to look around at some others. The differences between a DMA and a PhD are quite vast. Sadly, most schools with good teachers don't have a PhD, but instead focus on the performance heavy (read: academically pitiful) Doctorate of Musical Arts. There are a precious few places I can get a real, research and performance oriented PhD. Of course, then I have to take into account the teacher. Damnit...there I go again, trying to think.

(Considering my dislike of thought, my research papers will be a real pain in the ass this summer.)

Thinking is hard when you've been recording all day. The stress gets to you after a while. The cat sitting next to me seems not at all stressed, what with his spine being all bendy and his legs splaying out in all directions.

Tomorrow I have to: 1) get up at a reasonable hour 2) finish my damned recording 3) figure out my travel plans for the next 3-4 weeks. They're getting complicated. Boo. Anyone want to be my unpaid personal assistant? I hate dealing with this crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! Unpaid personal assistant....wait I am looking at your letter....? KITTY! made it to your blog. You should post the photo of him at your feet.

4/20/2007 09:23:00 AM  

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