Monday, July 31, 2006

A Vibraphone Concert

In the immortal words of Triumph, TICD, "I keed, I keed." I would never write a review of a Vibraphone concert. What kind of nerd to you take me for? I'm a very specific type of nerd, thank you very much.

Watch my skills as I somehow turn a rather unmusical blogpost into a topical post. How will I do it? Sometimes even I don't know how the magic works, folks.

Two movies I've just seen that should be seen immediately: Versus and Dolls. The former is a really fun zombie/gun/sword fighting movie. Yes, I know that you Koreans are asking yourself, "Where's the aunt/mother/sister/adopted daughter suffering from cancer/leukemia/unknown maladie?" I'm sorry kids. You're just going to have to get used to the way the Japanese make movies. When Chan Wook Park remakes this one, he can add that character and a solo piano, Yanni-like soundtrack.

Dolls was an absolutely beautiful movie, visually and otherwise. It's another Takeshi Kitano movie. Rather than have me give a rundown of the plot, just go here:

I'm telling you, it's beautiful. Every story has a selfish act that leads to heartbreak for all involved. Oh yeah, and there are actual dolls involved here and there if you're into the literal thing. From the DVD's interview with Kitano, apparently there actually existed a couple of "Bound Beggars" but how they ended up that way was unknown. Jeez...

I'm trying to remember if Beat Takeshi included anyone with a malaise in this one. I don't think so. There's a pop star with an injured face and a desparate man who doesn't lose his vision so much as throw it away. Outstanding movie.

Hm...The music was okay...Very similar to every other Kitano movie.

(Did you see that pivot there? Brought it back around to topic, nominally.)

No running today or yesterday, so no RM. Instead, I helped a friend move a little bit last night. Listened to alot of local pop radio. That Nickelback sure is talent-free. Tonight, I was just too tired from a full day of just running around doing stuff.

And I only got a couple of hours of clarineting in. Blech...That's no way to get any work done.

Oh yes, a final note: I've noticed upon glancing back at some past posts that I have an editing problem. Not that I ramble too long, but that I have plenty of typos. I assure you that....nah, I'm much too lazy to bother. Just suck it up and deal with it. Hell, I consider it a personal victory just to bother with the spellcheck on this posting interface.


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The spellcheck on Blogger is ridiculous, so you can definitely blame it for any typos. The other day it suggested I replace "fishnet" with "poisoned".

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