Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Knew I Was Going to Hell and All

But does it really need to be this hot here? I mean, come on people.

Well, my New York readers, I'll not be there this week as initially thought. I'll be there and in the environs around Aug 13-15. I'm pretty sure that I'll be booked during the day on the 14th and pretty busy prepping on the 13th, but the evening of the 14th might be free for socializing.

Life has meant that I haven't been able to practice much the past two days. Only a few hours each day. Sunday was an marathon...an impressive show of inhuman clarinet-playing stamina. That was all the way back on Sunday, though. What have I done for me lately?

I've got a short time to learn a bunch of orchestral repertoire, some of which is pretty regularly on my plate: Kodaly's Galanta Dances, Beethoven Sym 8, Brahms 3. Those should be reasonable assuming I'm any kind of musician at all. I've got to get the Mozartiana up and running from scratch though...and Petruchka. Awesome. This is a great excuse to study both. Petruchka was always fun to study in score form (and piano form), but it'll be nice to have it under my fingers.

Mozartiana may or may not be the bane of my existence. I'll have to get to know it better before I decide on its manner of death.

A hundred degrees? Farenheit? Is that even legal? I think I need to call someone about this. Anyone know who I can call to get a couple of stormclouds delivered ASAP?


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