Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Net-Working Out

I've been known to exercise. Well...perhaps that's only literally true, but not exactly honest. I used to exercise. How about that? I'm working on changing that a bit. In a bid to battle my recent decline in health, I've decided to use my available time to get into a little better shape. It's not (exactly) that I eat total junk all the time. It's more than I tend to have obligations that require many hours of sitting and little movement. We'll see how this small change turns out. Yesterday and today went well. Two days does not make a change in lifestyle, though.

With the rest of my free time (which consists of those hours when I can't practice), I'm working on making a few more connections. Since I've moved to NY, I haven't exactly been working the network to let people know that I'm in town and not incompetent at the clarinet. These are the kinds of things that probably don't produce immediate dividends (especially with the economy pulling a Lusitania), but it gets my name out there with some people that count. Later, if they hear me play (assuming I don't vomit through my clarinet), they'll be able to say "Wait, haven't I heard of this guy?" I'm such a savvy guy, huh? I've heard that it's really rough for new people in NY for the first few years. There are always a great many people ahead of you in line who play as good or better.


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