Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, my version of a few days means nearly a week later. Good to know.

So, the next few concerts are:

Feb 27, 730pm Emmanuel Baptist Church, Brooklyn: Black History Month Concert with a rather impressive gospel choir. If gospel is your thing, this one should be fun.

March 2, 8pm at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in the Village: An orchestral tribute to film composer Leonard Rosenman. His music is quite forward thinking compared to most film composers, but is quite beautiful in its own right.

March 5, 8pm at Loewe Theatre on W.4th St: I'll be playing Howard Sandroff's "Tephillah" for Clarinet and Digital Processors. Izzi Ramkissoon will be running the digital processors through a Max/MSP patch on his laptop. It's really a duet of sorts and I promise that it will melt any audience that shows up. Since it's FREE, you can't miss this one.

Finally, a mini-review of Pal Joey: The pit orchestra was fantastic. There were a handful of triplers who played the hell out of their clarinets. I've heard plenty of subpar triplers before and these were NOT them. These guys were fantastic players on all of their instruments. Now Channing was quite snarky when she needed to be and Martha Plimpton could really sing. I'm going to leave the rest alone, I guess. Probably smarter...

I've been a little bit ill lately, so I've spent most of my days getting worse. Working from 8am-1030pm doesn't do alot for one's immune system, I promise. Hopefully, I'll get to recover more over the weekend.


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