Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Anyone notice that Obama didn't mention the Arts during his speechifying on Tuesday? I did, but I'm okay with that. He did have a few other things to discuss and the Arts don't seem as looming as wars and whatnot.

We'll see how things progress, though. The last President used his available musicians in the military to play Hank Williams tunes while entertaining British Royalty. I have a feeling that Obama won't waste the many quality musicians he has at his disposal.

Just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's Blink upon the recommendation of a colleague. There is a quite interesting discussion of the advent of screened auditions in the orchestral employment game. The author isn't a musician and the book isn't about music, but the discussion of the topic was educated and worth reading.

Now that I've done my good deed of the day and educated the masses, I've got to go take care of my other stuff....


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