Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mvem shnem

Another post...finally.

So, I've managed to move most of my belongings to New York, where I will begin PhD studies in a few weeks. As I have been spending half my time in NY over the past year anyway, my schedule doesn't appear to be changing that much. Instead of living in Boston and commuting each week to NY, I'll live in NY and commute to Boston to teach. Oy vey. I've had to trim some of my teaching schedule, but it all should work out.

Also, I've been preparing for concerts with pianist Carol Minor. In October, we're playing recitals in Glens Falls, NY and in Boston, MA. In November, we've got another performance scheduled in London! Details will follow, but for now, here are the dates: Glens Falls, Oct 3; Boston, Oct 23; London, Nov 8.

Oh yeah, the last picture was Ted Kennedy. He had apparently just gotten home from surgery a few days before that. The next day, I believe, he strolled into the Senate for an important vote.


Blogger Marie said...

I finally ate at the El Salvadorian place around the corner. It was actually good. Of course now I'm moving out of the 'hood.

8/19/2008 12:45:00 PM  

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