Sunday, May 11, 2008

Would you buy a used car from these two?

So, this is our new publicity photo for pianist Carol Minor and myself. After we finalize some contractual details, I'll let you know where you'll be seeing the photos alongside some concert advertisements. Until the ink is dry, though, I'd rather not jinx it. If things go well, I'll be able to blog about some neat details and processes related to the concerts. We'll see.
Prokofiev 5 was last night. The principal clarinet part for this is either alot of fun, or a real terror. I'm really not sure which of these I'd pick, but perhaps it's a little of both. I managed to get through it without completely embarrassing myself, but there were a couple of tiny glitches in the last movement. The winds have a tendency to raise pitch over the length of concerts, a habit that was made worse by the addition of many utility players to beef up for the Prokofiev. In my section, we were lucky enough to procure two players I know from school, both of whom are more than capable. No problems there. I'll wait until I hear a recording of the concert before I give my final opinion.


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