Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Concerts this Weekend

Oh yeah, gotta couple of concert you can attend this weekend if you'd like:

Peter and the Wolf in Glens Falls, NY

2/9/08 4pm in the GF High School Gym. I understand that there will be a instrument petting zoo starting at 3pm. Please, I tell you, please do NOT pet any other animals you might run across there. Especially if said animals look feral or are elementary school children. Both types bite, I assure you. Oh, and there'll be dancers. I'm not sure if their vaccinations are up to date.

On a related note, I took a cue from something a teacher said to me years ago about this piece. I hauled out a friend's cat and took a look at the way the little guy (actually, he's a lardo) walks around. It's so smooth. Let's see if I can get my cat the same smooth articulation.

Okay, next concert:

Bach Chromatic Fantasy (arr Stanley Hasty) in Chestnut Hill, MA

2/10/08 3pm at the Chestnut Hill School

There's no link there because there's no other advertisement available. You've got it. I'm going to play this particular little ditty after a few of my students and a number of other violin and piano students play. This is a concert representing 3 studios of area musicians, my own included. I'm particularly proud of my students and the job they're doing. Ta da.


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