Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Trip to the Museum

An out of towner told me that the Museum of Fine Arts in here in Boston was free on MLK Jr. day. So, we went to the Museum...I, of course, only took a few pictures. Enjoy.

So, this pics are of a 5-keyed clarinet. Any ideas on what the band is above the register key and below the barrel? Some kind of extension?

This is easily the most awesome clarinet ever. It's a bass clarinet. All the funky tone hole locations are explained by the fact that one plays them with the under-knuckles of the fingers. Neat, eh? Of course, I'm sure that would lead to me having horrible tendonitis.
A pretty neat basset horn. It's not as neat as the previous bass clarinet, but the tin bell certainly makes it a close second. I want some of these for concerts.

My lovely companion tried to buy a copy of the book they had in the instrument room, a tome dedicated to just the the keyboard instruments at the MFA. When we made it to the book shop, they claimed that the book didn't exist. Geniuses....Well, instead she found it at an outside vendor online. Score one for the non-lazy.


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