Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A New Month, A New Post

My posts haven't been forthcoming not out of boredom, but out of frenzy. The past few weeks have been pretty busy.

First: What an awesome picture, huh? We used to have a Kosher Dunkies in Boston, but it's apparently been offed. This one we found in a rest stop on the way up to Lake George. I forgot to ask them for a sausage and cheese sandwich.

''Peter and the Wolf'' performances have been going very well. The kids absolutely adore having the dancers act everything out. The two concerts have been so successful that we've been asked to do another during the the week at a local school. Very nice. This is why we get into the music racket.

And last: it seems that my favorite pianist and I will be playing a nice big recital in upstate NY this fall. Looks like a little more than half of the program will be new music, with at least one piece commisioned for the occasion. I'll reveal more details after we tidy upsome adminitrative details If things go as planned we hope to play the program elsewhere as well.


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