Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was the only one in the audience without a camera...

So, my friend TM called me up on Tuesday and convinced me to brave the public sphere last night. She wanted me to accompany her to a performance of Blonde Redhead, of whom she was shocked I had never heard. (Look at that grammar...just look at it. Beautiful thing, eh?) I claimed ignorance and agreed to attend even though I was assured that it would be inappropriately loud and raucous.

They were loud, but not inappropriately so for most of the gig. Frankly, they were very good. The music was original, showed some talent for composition, and they were obviously competent professionals. They were easily as professional about performing their music as most of my colleagues are their music. Now I'm going to have to go out and find their music online so I can get to know it even better. On the way to teach today, I did hear one of their tunes on Emerson's radio station.

Oh FSM...had an 8am meeting after getting my butt in my house at around 3am. At least I didn't have to play, but I certainly don't recommend it. It appears I'll be spending the rest of my day, including tomorrow, practicing and making sure everything is on the up and up for the Japanese.

Anyone have any comments on Art of the States? Heard the show before? Spent much time listening to the stuff on the site? Recorded anything for them? What's the word?

Also, it seems as if I still have my habit of playing expressively through adjusting the time rather than relying purely on tone, articulation, and dynamic adjustments. Damnit.


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