Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Game that Dare Not Speak Its Name

The Pass line is the path to Hell, I'm sure of it. Never again.

On the other hand, I'm right back into the swing of things with crazy amounts of clarinet playing. I've got to brush off the 2nd movement of the Stravinsky 3 Pieces. It's amazing how difficult it is if you play it precisely as written. The tempo and rhythms are hell-bent-for-leather. I guess that's probably why absolutely no one bothers to record it that way. Will I sound like a candidate for the short bus if I'm the only one playing the ink? Screw 'em.

Gotta tray and start sounding awfully pretty once again. It's a never ending struggle, I guess. Wouldn't it just be easier if we had to sound out of tune and unpleasant to the ear? Someone see what they can do about that, eh?

Oh yes: Play well Monday night, HJ. I'm sure it will be great. Once you're a doctor, you'll get to operate on people!


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