Sunday, December 24, 2006

Catching up

Younghwa and Sharon

Yuri, Younghwa, and Sharon

Your fearless leader, DJ, and SooYoung

Don't blame me for the quality of these pics. These are from a little NEC alum get together (read "gorging") a couple of weeks ago. These are some of my best friends from undergrad and it's good to see them again. There are other pictures from this evening, but I wasn't able to save them from the Flash-nonsense in which they were imbedded, damnit. We'll see what happens.

I practiced all damned day. I then spent a few hours running repertoire for a friend. Oy vey. I was so tired...then we played duets. After... food of course. We picked up another one of the NEC old friends and whisked her off to watch us eat. I hadn't seen her in a few years either. Since the last time I saw her, she's moved to Europe for a little more education and quite a bit of concertizing, it seems. Right on.

Danny Pinkham died last week. Boo. What a sweatheart. Everytime I called him Mr. Pinkham, he corrected me and told me to use his first name.

Tomorrow is another day off. Tuesday, a day full of rehearsals...From Wed through Sat, I guess I have at least a concert a day. Oy vey.

Reeds...Oh reeds. I feel I'm actually learning about them. Know thine enemy, I guess.

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