Friday, December 29, 2006

Amplified Clarinet

I spent all morning playing politics rather than playing the clarinet. Whoopdeefreakin' doo. It dumbfounds me sometimes why things can't ever go simply just once. Just once would be freaking amazing. In fact, I'd probably be so stunned as to be ineffective were anything to go as planned.

After a catered lunch (yum...I gorged, of course...Several platefulls of outstanding food. I haven't eaten so well in weeks.) I came home and practiced. As I'm using a newer mouthpiece (HJ helped pick it out...If she likes it, it has to be okay.), the practicing is tiring. I've switched to a mouthpiece that's a more resistant blow. Now, this isn't just another in the long line of self-abuses for which I'm so famous. Instead, it's a better piece for me to project my sound. If I'm going to compete against orchestral players who play loud all the time, I'll just have to use the right ammunition. I do like having to trim down reeds rather than complain about thin tips, though.

I'm losing my mind. This coming week, I've got to play Principal on Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto. My Spidey-sense has been going off for a few days on this one. It turns out that I have to do it with my NY orchestra again in March. This is also the second time I've done this piece. The first was with Leon Fleisher. Not a bad way to get to know a piece, eh?

Non-musical items:

Hot chocolate made with hot water is very good if you doubleup on the servings of chocolate powder. It's my own little "safe" addiction this week.

I saw the new Rocky film tonight. It''s a Rocky movie. It was better than the more recent crappy ones. How old is this guy? He's in amazing shape. The movie seemed to be a bonbon, really. No overpowering sub-message about the evils of the Soviets or anything like that. Just people beating the holy Jebus out of each other. Yay blood!

Now I think I'll go watch a little "House", finish studying some music, and hit they hay early tonight. BS takes it out of you, I think. Besides, I've got to play another concert of Beethoven 9 tomorrow night. I think that this is the last one while I'm here, so that should be good. There might even be a little post-concert revelry/debauchery if I don't feel too old and decrepit.


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