Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whistle While You Work...Or Bawl...Either Way, Don't Stop Toiling

Holy crap am I tired. I spent the entire workday, from around 9am-630pm copying, cutting, and taping. There is a rather significant stack of music that owes its life to me and my able partner in crime today. The FSM could have been of some use with its many limbs, but we were to make use of only our human four today. Damned near got everything done. Tomorrow, we're back at it. I expect to cross the finish line and buy a round or twelve as a thank you. What if I had to do this by myself? Do you remember Eye-gor in Young Frankenstein? I'd be a mental midget compared to him. Plus, I'd be weeping profusely.

Okay, back to work tomorrow. The end is nigh.

Oh, and I now have some of my repertoire for Nov, Dec, and Jan. Yay...Some good stuff. When I get half a second of downtime, I look forward to pulling out the scores and recordings. Yum...As it turns out, some of it I've conducted in one form or another. Can't wait to play clarinet on it.

Oh crap, remind me and I'll pimp next week's solo performance in Glens Falls. My skull hurts too much right now.


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