Thursday, August 31, 2006

Down the Home Stretch (Without all of that Stretching Nonsense)

Okay, I'm about ready to start doing a little rehearsal with a pianist before taking Cavalinni to the throngs. It's got spunk right now, but not a great deal of polish. Hopefully I can have both. (And maybe shiny pants.)

I've returned to the land of very quiet for this Berio 'Lied' and it feels like chocolate. I'm trying to get down below Morty F. on these 'ppp' sections, but I need to keep lyrical. I guess I just need to pay attention to the nonsense I'm always spouting at my students. Thank the FSM that I'm a good teacher. That way I can occasionally pay attention to myself when I need to.

Last year, I had a shiny shirt. Should I go for shiny pants on this one? Upstate NY: Are they lovin' the shiny pants? How about just shiny unmentionables? That way I feel shiny, but I don't feel lynched. How about that? I'm open to suggestions. Perhaps beautiful young ladies framing the stage? Okay, I'd better stop on this line of thought...

I guess that I'm getting back to the place where I'm thinking about starting back on the audition circuit. I'd like to see how the Old New Me favors on the high heat. There's bound to be a donut around here somewhere. I've always got a stash.


Blogger Carol Minor said...

As an Adirondacker by birth I feel qualified to comment on the fashion preferences up there. I can say without hesitation that they LOVE shiny. Wear something that involves sequins (or better yet, pleather) and you’ll be a smash hit. They tend to be confused by the underwear as outerwear look, but if sparkly shorts make you feel sexier onstage, go for it. When is your concert? And have you ever been to Sutton's for cinnamon cider donuts? They're addictive. I buy them in bulk whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

9/01/2006 03:57:00 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Well, I'm not planning on wearing shiny underwear on the outer side. They'll be -under-wear. At least I'll know they're special, I guess.

The concert is on Sept. 13. Crap...that means I haven't properly whored this concert yet. Will do that soon.

Suttons? Cinnamon cider donuts? Holy crap...Where is this place? I'm still in heaven after being told about the Hot Dog place. Oh dear god...Are they real, fresh donuts? Oh Jesus. Tell me now before I burst in anticipation.

9/01/2006 11:14:00 PM  

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