Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shorting My Sleep-Obsessed Inner Self

In my freezer is now a quart of JP Lick's Chocolate Ice Cream. Dear FSM, I do hope that at least a fraction of it is still there in 24 hours. My self-esteem demands that some of it live through the day.

Was planning on a late night movie, but plans got scuttled. Instead, I'll actually get a reasonable amount of sleep before restarting my school year Sunday schedule: 9am lessons! (dramatic music cut here) Yup, I tend to teach a handful of lessons on Sundays, the first of them at 9am. Ouch, you say? Yup.

I look at it this way: If I schedule a lesson at 9am, I'm going to drag my lazy ass out of bed and take care of the business of the day. By 2pm, when I'm completely finished for the day, I've got all day left to take care of my own practicing and general time wasting. That means that Sunday becomes a horribly useful day.

It also means that I have to be teaching at 9am. Oh well. You win some, you teach some at crazy o'clock in the am. If I didn't have such neat students, I wouldn't even considerate it. All it takes is consciously subverting my nature...


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