Friday, September 01, 2006

Go Joe

Oh dear, I took a little break from the mad scramble that is my clarinetting today. Don't get me wrong, I still practiced for a few hours, but I just did my "Annoying Warm-Up" (aptly every housemate for the past 9 years can attest), scales, and Bach today. I'm working on a movement from one of his Cello Suites right now. I'm playing it mostly below half tempo.

Huzzah...(always like that word)

Why half tempo? Why not? I can work on manner or musical issues and clarinet-ty issues that way. It doesn't sound awful at that tempo, but it's oh-so-hard to make every note sound appropriately beautiful at that tempo. Actually, I think that's half the battle...Wait a minute, was that the GI Joe half or did his half and my half create a whole? If so, I'm afraid that I've solved the meaning of life. Still not sure how '42' works into it, but I'm sure it does.

Ran into a Cellist today...After telling me I looked happier (apparently than I did 4 months ago...quite an understandable statement...and true), she then took the blame for my Bach OCD. She's the scoundrel who told me that Bach was good for the soul. (Seoul...ha ha...jeez, that was a bad joke. Even I know.)

RM:MIA Arular...always good for a jog. Fun fun fun...


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