Thursday, July 27, 2006

How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?

Last night I was feeling quite awful, so no blogging. In fact, I was suffering quite a bit of dizziness with no alcohol or other imbibed substance to blame. Somehow, I managed to pick up some kind of inner ear problem and, with it, a bit of balance problem. So far, I seem to be working my way back from it with a healthy (?) dose of Sudafed. Now, this stuff makes me loopy as a matter of course. So, I'm trading dizzy and bumbling for loopy and babbling. Oy vey is mir.

Playing with an equilibrium problem is certainly not to be recommended. It's not exactly pleasant or horribly useful. However, I must keep my chops in prime shape, so I suffered through it. I'm fairly sure that I got no actual learning in, other than the reinforcement of muscle memory on the pieces I practiced. On the subway ride home, people were giving me the "It's so disgusting when people are that drunk" look even though I was really quite sober, just feeling horrible.

As a result of feeling like ass, I'm taking a couple of days off from running. God knows I'd just find a way to make it worse.

I've been told that my blog is boring to read as it doesn't have enough eye candy. Not enough pictures, YouTube links, and that kind of stuff. I'll think about it, but pepping up this joint would mean that I'd actually have to make an effort. We all know that occurences of the phenomenon are few and far between. Besides, I'm pretty sure it'd be just as boring if I linked to other people's crap...just a few more colors involved.

Oh yes...Taming of the Shrew in the park for free! Wahoo! I need to take advantage of this somehow. However will I do that?


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