Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dont Deprive Me Of My Cheese Senses, Mr. Hurt

I'm convinced that people like Cheese. I'm not talking about that french goat stuff you put on crackers, although that can be tasty. I'm talking about Sarasate and the like...That's what this Cavalinni piece is: unadulterated cheese. It's like Velveeta that's been slightly warmed in the microwave...Creamy.

While in Conservatory, I didn't really have a chance to play much Cheese. I spent all of my time learning very serious music for very serious concerts. Now that I'm out of their clutches, I enjoy playing very serious music in very serious concerts, very serious music in very not-serious concerts, and very not-serious music wherever they'll let me.

Fluff, Cheese, Showpieces: All of these kinds of pieces can be very good for their intended purpose, entertainment. Not all music has to be an aural lesson in proportion or the Nature of Man (Get a look at those Cap. letters!). Sometimes I just want to hear a violinist play High and Fast. It's like getting in a Miata for a little while. It's not the best car for taking the kids to school, but it's refreshing occasionally.

Just so you don't think I've completely lost my mind, I'm still pairing this Velveeta with Berio. Every heard Berio that sounded like Cheese? (Okay, okay...Opus Number Zoo is certainly up for debate...) Any -other- Berio?

On a irked-then-elated note: I lost my wallet this evening. I then went back to the establishment I pegged as the likely place of loss and looked under my table. Ta da! Everything was there and I was happy.

I've got a leisurely day of practice ahead of me tomorrow. I'll probably cap it off with a run and a viewing of "Altered States." If you haven't seen it, do. Corigliano did a fantastic job on the score. On a completely unrelated note: Anyone have a sensory deprivation tank I can use?


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