Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shoe tossing/BoA Tossing

RM: BoA....Blech. She's worse than that Spears tart. I had only heard a couple of her songs before and had a number of them on ye olde IPod. I thought I'd take a listen as she's insanely popular overseas. Blech...I ran faster and harder just to get it over with. Of course, I probably just could have hit 'stop' and moved to a different track. That's too simple, though.

I'm greatly enjoying some parts of my playing...Well, I'm enjoying everything other than what I'm not enjoying. It's nice to be able to take some time and try to sound really great on something. As a teacher once said to me, sometimes playing a regular schedule is just like producing sausages in a factory. I'll let you figure that one out. I understood it perfectly at the time.

Tomorrow I rotate the Berio Lied into my practice sessions. It looks fairly straightforward. I just have to have a beautiful sound and great legato punctuated by clear, crisp articulation. D'oh!

J. Hafner once said to an ensemble in which I was an impressionable member (paraphrasing here): If you don't like all the work, go do something easy, like brain surgery.

Just so you know, the two brain surgeons I've told this quote have had doubts as to the validity of the comparison. I threw a shoe at both of them (2 distinct shoes, 2 distinct occasions...No "magic bullet" shoe...back and to the left....back and to the left....).


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