Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Driving Music

My friends know that I harbor a secret enjoyment of pop music. Between this and the running, I'm afraid that I'm really quite ruining my reputation.

The CD's in my car give an unhealthy representation of the music to which I listen, however. There might be two classical discs in the car, but I'm not sure. Classical discs get put in the car's player only when I need to learn a tune fast. Usually, I don't like to listen to classical music in the car because it actually requires the use of my brain. I'm fairly certain that it's better for me to focus on the driving, as my meager brainpower is not really meant for multitasking.

Instead, what rotates through my car's listening system recently: Hyori's latest, which is amusing; Lee Jung Hyun (all 5? discs...); Prop. Heads (gift from I Don't Listen to Classical Music [link found at right of screen]); Koda Kumi (basically a greatest hits mix). What should I add to the list?

I still haven't been able to finalize my pairings for this new music/old music concert in September. My library is clearly acting against me. I've threatened it with a good reorganization, but I'm fairly sure that's what it's wanted all along. My pride may not let me give into it. Does that mean I just go buy the music again, which most certainly would double some of my current holdings?

A final issue: Is it another sign of my oncoming senility that I ascribe human characteristics to a music library?


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