Sunday, July 09, 2006

Run, Doofus, Run

I have a confession to make. I run...occasionally. Occasionally I run...for miles, even. For no apparent reason, I run for miles. For no good reason involving my possible death, I occasionally run for miles. I'm so ashamed.

Well, thank goodness for my IPod. It provides me with beat-filled goodness with which I run...for miles. Frequent appearances on my runs are made by M.I.A.'s Arular, Hyori, and Lee Jung Hyun. Like I said, a beat-filled chewy center. Given that I'm running in an urban environment, the delicate sounds of string quartets usually don't work so well.

For some reason, Bizet's Symphony in C caught my eye as I was scrolling and walking out the door. Let me tell you, that guy has taken a leisurely run before. It was wonderful. I didn't feel like disemboweling myself by the end of my run. Hm...Maybe we have something here.

Maybe I'll try some Haydn Symphony tomorrow. If I can roll out of bed in time, I'll get a run in before the World Cup Final.


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