Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Random Refuse

Okay, I'm going to be annoying. I swear, this entire post is completely related to music. It might also be quite enigmatic for those not in the know.

Korea looks like a fun country. It looks like I have a wonderful possibility of traveling there for a bit of work sometime in the future. What does the new music scene in Seoul look like? Are there any groups I should keep an eye out for? What's the minimum time I should plan for my visit?

When commissioning a composer for a new, big piece for clarinet, who do you go to? Do you shoot big and call up the biggest names and hope they write a good piece for you? Do you call some smaller names who you know and work with them? Sounds obvious, right?

Oh yes: Reeds! I'm always experimenting, as my loyal readers know. These days, I'm getting longer reed life and a more focused sound. Where's the catch, you say? I haven't heard the other shoe drop yet...(Mix metaphors unite! Hooray...) I'm doing a little more reed adjustment along with my new/old embouchure, but it only sounds better. This is making me nervous. I'm waiting to find out that I've got some form of cancer from mouthpiece mold or some-such horribly rare retardation. It's a zero sum game after all.

Oh, and the above questions are not rhetorical. They need answers/comments! (eyes glowing red in ineffective attempt at intimidation)


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