Friday, June 23, 2006

Heat Sick Puppies

Okay, the temperature for this evening's concert was somewhere between "hot as ass" and "oppressive as ass." (Those are both technical terms, just so you know.) We did Terry Riley's "In C" in front of a very appreciative audience with about 10 or so performers. It was quite a nice performance considering we didn't have any air conditioning. I pulled out my barrel about every 10th snippet on this one. By the end of the piece, I might as well have been using my A clarinet instead. The audience seemed okay with it, though. All in all, enjoyable from the stage and the hall, it seems.

Next for me in the SICPP lineup: Michael Finnissy's "Post-Christian Surivival Kit". It should be fun. I'm still looking for my cat-o'-nine-tails. I hope I find it in time. I'm pretty sure that my crown of thorns is lost to the dustbin of my life. (Remember folks: Go listen to the Finnissy from my last post...It's not a request...)

On a note unrelated to the normal content of this blog: Go Korea! (The US lost and, as many of you know, this is my second team...I'll be watching and hoping that all of you do better than our own Beasley.) Take Switzerland and turn their fence-stradling selves into World Cup losers.

Of course, Ghana did play very well...


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