Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So the concert season is over and the school year is winding down. Whoopee (that's what levity sounds like, apparently). My sabbatical is in full-swing, but I have one concert to play regardless.

I'm going to be taking part in Terry Riley's In C over at the New England Conservatory on June 22 as a part of the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice. SICPP, or Sick Puppy for those in the know, is quite the get-together for new music buffs. In the past, the PP stood for Piano Performance, but it's been expanded to include us non "ebony and ivory" types. (Of course, Stevie Wonder would still be welcome...)

Every single time I say I'm going to take time off, however, something hits the fan. Now, it's usually something that smells not like flower petals. This time, something neat is brewing. Sadly, I must keep it under my hanbok for now, but if it works out, I'll be winking from both eyes for weeks. I might even buy a few beers for others...(apparently, that's what generosity acts like). If I'm really happy, I may not stab anyone for at least a fortnight.

On another note, Robert Listokin is still a genius: Per his suggestion, I've been experimenting with using a double-lip embouchure for a while and it's certainly paying dividends. I'm not switching over to the DL, but I'm using it to better train my air and my single-lip embouchure. It's difficult to bite while using DL as it tends to be excruciating. If one can get a pleasant sounding DL embouchure, then a single-lip (using an identical lower lip position as the DL) will be much improved.

Boy, I do like the improvements in focus and legato, though. Wahoo..

(That's what an exited nerd sounds like, apparently.)


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