Saturday, May 06, 2006


Exhaustion...I'm feeling it. I had a service this morning with the orchestra in upstate NY. I then drove to Boston to play the Schuman Fantasy Pieces in a concert at 8pm. This past Thursday, I woke up in Washington, DC, flew to Boston, rehearsed the Schuman briefly with a wonderful pianist, drove to upstate NY for an evening service with the orchestra. There were 3 states and a district on that day. Tomorrow, I get up early and drive back to NY for our concert of Shosty 5 and Mozart's 23rd Piano Concerto.

Thank Elvis I can stay there tomorrow night and sleep in a little on Monday.

Still coughing a bit...People keep asking if I'm okay. I must look like a corpse or something. Hm, I guess Lenin is more lifelike that I am at the moment. I wonder who his embalmer was...


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