Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Persistant cough. Ick...Hack...Rehearsals are fine for me since I can block it from my own brain. I'm sure everyone around me is ready to throw a shoe, though. My only saving grace may end up being that everyone in all of my recent ensembles seems to be getting sick. Perhaps they're coughing too and I'm just not noticing due to my normal extreme self-regard.

Regardless, I'm about to head out on the road again. I'm really starting to enjoy these little mini-tours of mine. Of course, after more than a week on the road, I'm always ready to go into a coma. I do love the fact that I always seem to visit places where I have friends, though. Nothing like mixing music and friends. I'm working on some small projects to make this even more common next season.

Maybe some tea will help with this hack.


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