Sunday, June 04, 2006


Oops again. It looks like I haven't really gotten used to the traveling and the blogging so much. At the moment, I'm slammed with catching up on my obligations. Blogging was put on hold while I tend to my students, rehearsals, and the occasional concert.

For the summer, I'm basically on Sabbatical. Wahoo...Yup, at my age...Nope, it's not being funded by a school or organization. I just needed some time to prepare for what's coming next season (several performances of the Berio Sequenza; several clar/pno recitals in Boston and Washington, DC, and maybe elsewhere; several vln, clar, pno trio concerts; a few other chamber concerts here and there; of course Callithumpian concerts). My known obligations alone are enough make me a little crazy next season, but I'm sure that the as-yet-unknown obligations will add fuel to the fire.

I'm also taking the summer off (except for a couple of SICPP performances) to return to basics. A little self-imposed boot camp is good for you occasionally. I'm sure that I'll get into the details soon. Perhaps that should be my next blog.


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