Thursday, June 29, 2006

Found in Plain Sight

I see you, Lexington. It looks as if I have a regular visitor. Join the club. Feel free to leave comments. Perhaps you can discuss something with the Korean regular...Of course, I'm referring to the Korea-based Korean regular, as opposed to the VA-based occasional Korean or the NY-based occasional Korean. (In cased you hadn't noticed, you're surrounded by Koreans...Do make any sudden moves...)

Off to NY again tomorrow. While I'm there dealing with other business, I'm hoping to meet up with an OLD friend who's a modern dancer. I've pretty much been exclusively surrounded by musicians for the past handful of years. It'd be nice to touch base with someone who is, while not quite normal, at least has different set of neurotic tendencies. What do you talk about when you can't bitch and moan about reeds or conductors? The weather?

Ah, the glories of air conditioning. While I don't have an air conditioner myself, I partake of a daily practice session in the glorious air conditioning at a certain undisclosed location. Of course, air conditioning is heaven-sent, but there's another reason.

I've noticed that the low-humidity that accompanies air conditioned rooms is fantastic for my reed life. If I expose my poor reeds to the summer swelter, I find that they crap-ify very quickly. Almost immediately, actually. Sometimes, they become permanently incapacitated. For that reason (ahem...not because I'm a prima donna who loves to be at a cool 68F constantly...cough cough), I'll be doing all further summer practicing in an air conditioned facility.

Next, I'll be playing in a hermetically sealed bubble. Bubble-clarinetist...There's something vaguely sinister about that idea, but I'm not energetic enough to flesh it out right now.


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