Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iced Thanksgiving

This was the side of the road on the way to Lake Placid, NY this Saturday. I was taken to my first figure skating show. All of the skaters were impressive. Sasha Cohen wasn't quite as impressive as some of the lesser-known skaters, though. Too much falling. Even I can fall on skates. All in all, it was a rather awesome performance for me to watch.

My car seems to be circling the drain, although I'm not sure if it has passed the event horizon yet. I'm using it today to carry me to teaching, but it is whimpering a little.

I just got the music for a concert on Sunday. Nice. Organization folks...that's how you build greatness.

Gotta concert Wed. night of an hour-long Steve Reich piece. Reich should be there.

Picked up a little sickness in Lake Placid. Where's my tea?


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