Monday, April 30, 2007

Putting the brain back to work

In response to two questioners: No, I was not whining about the Gunther Schuller piece in my previous post. I was whining about a completely different piece, which I shall have to perform in the near future. It's a great piece, but it seems that the performance will not be up to par.

On another topic: My brain hurts. Yup, it's not been getting much use lately, so it may be taking some time to work out the kinks. I spent the better part of the evening analyzing the Schuller piece. It seems that I have found 3 more mistakes in the part as printed. Only two of the mistakes seem to clearly be typesetting errors. The other two are far more interesting. You'll have to wait for the paper for the details. (Ha ha...split infinitive...Live with it.)

If you didn't catch it, PBS showed Part 1 of a documentary on the Mormon faith this evening. It was really quite interesting, and not just because of the gold plates and many wives. I'm ashamed that I didn't know the history of the Mormons' persecution in NY, Missouri, and Illinois...Hell, everywhere...I've already decided that I'll be rescheduling tomorrow night's planned debauchery so that I can catch Part 2. Now that I've been witness to the heathen-izing of two Mormons, I figure I ought to know more about the people that'll be carrying the pitchforks and torches when the time comes.

Running Music: Random Top40 radio. iPod battery was empty. Boo.


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