Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rambling again...

Running music: the recurring sound of my own wheezing and whimpering as I feebly attempted to take on what would have been a piece of cake even 5 months ago. Instead, I barely managed to drag my frame back to my house and my waiting shame.

Not waiting for me was my Beethoven 5 score. Where the hell did I put that thing? Doesn't it know to stay accessible, like the rest of his symphonies?

HJ, how was the recital?

Heard something horrific today as I drove back from a little money earning adventure: Fergie singing something about Big Girls not crying. I almost switched to Savage Nation...I can't decide which of the two is a bigger blight on the earth.

I'm in the middle of exhaustive Google searches so I can get a better idea on whether or not my paper ideas have legs. Yay Google. Next I'll have to hit Google Scholar, I guess. But first, I want some chocolate. Too bad I don't have any in the house. It's like a smoker getting rid of all of the hidden cig. packs. I'm deep into withdrawal. I could go for a good veal parm. as well. Veal parm and a boatload of chocolate, anyone?


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