Friday, March 10, 2006

Rough and Sweet

Nope...This post isn't heading where you think it is. Well, maybe I'll veer in that direction, but probably not.

I -FINALLY- got the music for a May chamber concert: Elliot Carter's Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux II. Rock on. It's a trio for Flute, Clarinet, and Marimba. This looks like one out-there piece. The marimba plays in duplets the entire time, the clarinet in triplets, and the flute in quintuplets. I found a long hemiola in the flute where each note is 17 quintuplet sixteenth notes long. Geez. The clarinet has one on the first page that is 8 triplet eighth notes long for each note. Boy, I can tell we're going to need a slide rule and a shrink for these rehearsals. Happily, I'm playing with a fantastic flute player and an outstanding, if droll, percussionista. I'll plug their names a bit more as we get closer to the concert.

I managed to begin to break this piece down while I scarfed down Tiger Lily's Special Rice. Mmmm...I'd recommend pineapple, chicken, onions, and other edibles any time. It sparked my meager brain to begin to understand the Carter. My score is starting to look like the Beautiful Mind guy got ahold of it. (The voices in my head tell me to color outside the lines.)

To sleep with me. I have a day of practicing and kavetching ahead of me. Basically, a day like any other.

PS-Ah yes, my Yiddish for the day: A shonda for the goyem. I'll just say it was said about Jack Abramhoff. Funny...


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