Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post-Concert Plug

Oops, I realized just now that I didn't appropriately plug this evening's concert. Actually, I'm fairly sure that I didn't plug it at all. I'll deliver the skinny now, just to make up for my total lack of grace.

So this evening was a Callithumpian concert in our Experiment Series in Cambridge. It was at this funky little space that used to be the Zeitgeist gallery, where we inaugurated this series a couple of years ago. The space is in Inman Square and is now named The Lily Pad. (Not sure why...forgot to ask. )

First piece: the complete songbirdsongs of John Luther Adams (not to be confused with John Adams, of lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat...fame). I heard performance with these players (with one different percussionist) of selected movements on the same concert as the Escot Concerto last month. It was good then. Tonight it was captivating from start to finish. I understand it clocked in over half an hour. Didn't seem that long. I'm going to be hearing wood thrushes in my sleep now. Two piccolos were put in a room and both walked out alive...Another fascinating crime against logic.

Second Piece: The Improvisation Pool- a new feature of our series. Apparently each concert will include an improvisation by the performers of the evening. As it was a sizeable group (a dozen or so players), it got fairly busy at times. Jorrit Dijkstra joined on the lyricon (a wind instrument plugged into electronics...a single reed instrument, even. I should learn something about this thing, probably. As of now, all I know is it can provide a wide range of sound. The real test: Can it play the theme to Knight Rider?) Bhob Rainey (of the BSC) joined in on Sax.

we segued (without pause) right into:

IN C by Terry Riley. If you don't know this one, it's part of the foundation of minimalism. It moves along with quite a bit of repetition, but it's different in every performance. This performance was apparently about 50 minutes. I was pretty well interested the whole time, but then again, I was playing. There were some moments where I was enthralled. In the point that I had to remember that I should start playing again and help move the thing along. Although it is "minimalist" it should develop and innovate as it goes. This was a successful performance. We had a good band and an appreciative audience.

Now, I must pack my clothes (and fancy schmanzy shoes) so I can take out of here early in the morning. I've got to get crackin' early tomorrow if I expect to get my practicing in before my jetset afternoon. My host in DC tells me that I should be expecting sushi for dinner. Yum...Knowing my friends, though, he just wants me to expect it...and be shocked when we eat Tofurkey. Gotta keep 'em guessin'.

Just for fun, go back and read the gizoogle version of my blog. I almost peed my pants...


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