Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cornucopia o' Crap

Here's a list of the composers whose pieces I've got to regurgitate in the next 3 weeks: Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, Kodaly, Stravinsky, Dahl, Hindemith, Wagner, Grafulla, Verdi, Weber, and Grainger. Apparently some Carter is in the mail to add to the list. These gentlemen (where are the ladies?) are the reason that my bloggifying has been in a state of delayimification. I'm sure that I'm missing a couple of pieces here, but I think that those get to wait for the 4th week.
On the other hand, I've just opened a new box o' reeds. We'll see if these have better attitudes than the last coven of harpies. So far, they've been a bit wary in my morning's exercises. Remember, folks, attitude is much of the battle. That goes for reeds too. If they don't have good attitudes, they may end up getting chewed by the neighbor's dog. (This goes for students as well...The neighbor's dog isn't very discriminating.)

Oh crap, I almost forgot another composer. Going to do Terry Riley's In C over at the Zeitgeist Gallery on March 3. I've played this a couple of times through the past few years with different organizations. It's such a neat piece and can be really quite fantastic if the group is very attentive to detail and rhythm. So may people just spit it out and it can easily sound that way.

Alright, a quick check o' the Olympics and then back to the practice room.


Blogger Marie said...

Your reeds get a lot of blog time. I think they may be you nemesis or soulmate. Actually, I just wanted to use the work nemesis. Just like I think you wanted to use cornucopia. I had to color one of those in kindergarden. Then my teacher yelled at me for going out of the lines. Waaah.
Oh..thanks for linking my blog.

2/20/2006 07:16:00 AM  

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