Thursday, March 02, 2006

Technology = Simplification (Unless You're Robocop or Lee Majors)

Ah, the glories of technology. I've been able to take an entire trip out of my schedule and replace it with a conference call/real-time internet connection. Glory be. I was supposed to meet with some venue representatives regarding a chamber music series in upstate NY for next Fall, but it looks like I can't do that and be in transit to Washington, DC at the same time. Strange, huh? And here I thought that I was special.

Well, normally this kind of meeting would deserve me showing up in person and doing everything that I can to explain what we want to happen. Face time means alot, you know? (Kids on IM may not have figured that one out yet.) As my schedule precluded the whole existence in two-places at one moment in time thing, my prescence was not to be. Of course, my partner in all this, a fantastic cellist, will be there in person to represent us. Three guys in a room plus a disembodied voice on the speaker phone...Will I be able to tell if someone is sticking their tongue out at me? Will someone stick their tongue out at me? Let's hope so.

Wahoo, that means that I can get to DC nearly a day early and get settled before getting to business. Whoopee.

So, I'll spill the beans on this chamber music extravaganza as soon as we nail down a venue and begin the word-spreading. By the time the actual concert happens, my dearly-departed grandmother will have heard about the performance.

I'll be taking my laptop on the trip with me, so you may have to make due with an update or two in transit.


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