Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Foot and a Half of Cocaine Fell Overnight

So, what does a crapload of snow mean for me? Practice time. I feel like I've been visited by the Practice Fairy this week. Who'd have thought that I could actually take the time to cement some of this repertoire in my system before actually having to perform it. Today, in between trying to shovel my car out of several feet of snow drifts and snarfing whatever is in my fridge, I actually managed to get a head start on my next round of repertoire.

For god's sake, I might actually experience what it's like to be comfortable as far as learning repertoire for the next little bit. If I'm a real genius, I'll manage to stay one step ahead for years as a result of this visit from the Practice Fairy. I'll always be one concert ahead in terms of practicing. Wahoo...Either that, or I'll take this as the perfect excuse to go waste some time on some ski slope in Jersey and blow whatever advantage I've been given. I don't even ski. I'm sure that I know how to fall, so that'll probably be what I do instead.

Now if I could just convince my reeds that they needn't revolt every other day. Revolt every day or not at all, damnit. Just be predictable. I'm pretty sure that I can predict their response when I break out the blowtorch.


Blogger Marie said...

Blowtorch -- sexy!
Practice Fairy looks like Aishwaryra Rai, right!
I fell in a snow bank and ate lots of Ramen, that's pretty productive, I think.

2/12/2006 10:47:00 PM  

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