Monday, February 06, 2006


Okay, so it's been a while since my last posting. I see that the traffic is starting a small uptick, so I guess that I'd better keep priming the pump.

Busy...That's the word of last week.

Last weekend's Planets were definitely Holst. Yup, no argument there. Certainly is Holst...Oh yeah, I got handed a copy of the Star Wars Cantina music on the day of the gig for a little solo playing. Nice, huh? (This time I'm not being sarcastic...This music gave me an excuse to play it dirty...Scoops, occasional sloppy articulation, a bottle of soju. Well, all but the last bit.)

Pozzi's Concerto! Nope, I didn't forget about it. Well, a musical supporter whom I've known for a number of years here in Boston attended and said "It was strange." Of course, she didn't look like she just ate bad shellfish, so I'm going to call it a win. She and her companion keep coming to these concerts even though they know they'll likely be "different." I think that we may have a secret convert or two to the cause.

Oh yeah, the performance went fairly well. The ensembel performed very well given the very little rehearsal time. In fact, a few of them performed remarkably considering the VERY short notice they had. We had some problems with personnel apparently, so I owe those last minute white knights quite a bit of gratitude.

I wonder if I can prevail upon Ms. Escot to write some chamber music for us Callithumpian hoodlums? Concertos are nice, but chamber music is where it' (Gotta love grammar.)

The Debussy Pr. Rhapsodie was fairly good. It's a difficult piece and the tempo markings aren't always easy to translate. There are several differing opinions as to what he means we he says "a tempo" as he doesn't always refer back to the very first tempo of the piece when he writes that. That means that you have to dig through everything that came before and see which one it is. It's easy if the materials is regurgitated from before, but that's frequently not the case.

Oh yes...The preconcert shindig was fantastic. What a spread...There were deviled eggs...And an adorable little dog.

What's next? SCALES. I need scales like horses need salt licks. I've got to undo the damage of running around like a maniac the last two weeks. Maybe relearn the clarinet. Mmm..Oooh..Arpeggios too. That's the good stuff.

Until the next time, talk amongst yourselves: The chick-pea, neither a chick nor a pea. Discuss.


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