Sunday, October 31, 2010

Missed a bunch

Sorry about that. I got so busy that I didn't even post concert listings. Now THAT is the height of laziness. The neatest and most recent was a performance of Elliott Carter's "Pastoral" in its incarnation as a solo work with accompanying marimba and string orchestra. That was pretty neat.

Since I'm in a "gettin' stuff done" kind of mood, I'll throw up a couple more concert listings:

8pm Tues. Nov. 9, 2010 Jordan Hall, Boston, MA
Fierce Singleness: Music of Pozzi Escot and Robert Cogan

Robert Cogan - Fierce Singleness for solo clarinet
Pozzi Escot - VIRELAI for Chris and Carol (a commission from last year getting its Boston debut)
Pozzi Escot - Thy Kindled Valors Bend

Christopher Bush, clarinet
Carol Minor, piano
Christie Finn, soprano

[There will be other works on this program, but these will be the ones that Carol and I are playing. Should be fun to be back in Boston and taking Jordan Hall's acoustics for a spin again.]


Fri. Nov. 19, 2010 [not quite sure where! Somewhere in a school in the North Country.] NY
Glens Falls Symphony

Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf

(kids concert at a school...these are always fun!)


4pm Sun Nov. 21 Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls Symphony

Barber Symphony No. 1
Barber Knoxville Summer of 1915
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2

[Here's the really neat thing about this program. This is the first orchestral concert in a LONG time that consists of entirely new-to-me repertoire. It's nice to approach some pieces from the canon for the first time. Score study, listening to recordings, learning lots of notes (especially the Barber)...the whole nine yards. Awesome...]


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