Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fake reeds, real sound

So, for the holidays, I received both some scales and a complete screw-over from Delta Airlines. They've managed to be completely incompetent at every step of the way. They even managed to somehow screw up when I flew on USAir. That's a special kind of incompetent. It took USAir 33 minutes to untangle the mess.

On a much better note: Reeds. I've started testing some of the Legere plastic reeds as I've started hearing wonderful things about them. Although I don't think that I've settled on a strength yet, it looks good. At the very least, I may have a reliable backup reed for times when nothing else will work. So far, I've also only tried the Quebec cut, but I'll try the Signature line soon. I'm confident enough in one of them that I may use them for a recording on Tuesday. It'll be like those instant coffee commercials "Let's switch the reed for Legere and see if they notice."

Er...should I not have posted it on the internet if I'm supposed to be keeping it a blind experiment? Nobody reads this anyway.


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