Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy New Year!

Alright then...nearly another month between posts. Apparently, the intarwebs are moving away from blogs and into social networking. As I've never been one for doing the smart thing, I figure I'll just keep prattling on for a bit.

In the last month, I've moved to a lovely new place with room to teach and practice. I've also started back in the new school year. I've got a load of teaching to do with my main university, some private students, and a none at all at my new additional teaching position. Overall, plenty of work to do with a number of potential-laden students. Of course, in the midst, I've got plenty of my own work to do. (cough cough...reeds...cough cough)

Since the concert season hasn't really started yet, I haven't started posting concert listings yet. The first, I think will be with the D minor Franck Symphony and some Schwanter, but I'm not exactly sure what's right after that. I'll try to update the Myspace page (link to the right) with all of that sometime soon. First, though, I must spend the rest of today trying to adjust my coaching schedule so the coachings actually happen. Lots of phone calls...(on phone that won't work in my apartment!)


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