Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Post-Chris-tmas Wishlist

Again, blogging from a train. This time, I'm doubling back on my tracks: DC to Boston.

As a young(ish) musician, I'm impatient. I want a steady paycheck, which may never happen, but I want to work on my own projects as well. Old chamber music, new chamber music, orchestra work, even the occasional solo gig. Variety is the spice of life, or dukkbokki. Or is that gochujang? I even want to teach. I want students, advanced or not, who can regularly keep me thinking about the basics of playing the clarinet and music in general. I want all of this now. For some reason, all of these areas of a compleat (...can you tell I've been reading Gunther Schuller?) musician don't seem to always pay so well.

So far this season, I've been booked to play bass clarinet in the show Kismit, clarinet in an excruciatingly soft Tufts new music concert, bass again in a band concert, a few cycles with the orchestra of standard orchestra literature, some light swing music with a pianist, some solo Bill Smith pieces, Pozzi Escot's upcoming concert as a guest soloist with NEC's avant garde attack wing "Shivaree", a number of Callithumpian Consort shindigs, and what looks like it could be a satisfying performance of the Debussy 1er Rhapsodie. (There were a few others thrown in there, but my brain can't keep track of them all.) At first glance, that looks to be a fairly satisfying if busy schedule. Of course, Then we throw in the teaching: regularly scheduled lessons, rescheduled lessons, trial lessons, coachings...At least once a week I try to carve out a handful of hours to sleep. Of course, that doesn't count anything past the 4th of Feb. After that, it looks life might get a little bit busy.

What I want is this: a job paying quite a bit of money, hours flexible, job duties non-existant (not minimal...nonexistant), location flexible, with several tax-free stipends. That last stipulation is only available for certain specialized positions, but they tend to require actual work. I'll consider any position with 4 out of 5 of these preferences.

Or I'd like a pony.